There are plenty of places to watch the swimmers along the route – although you may need binoculars – along Marine Parade, behind the Guildhall near the Marine Theatre and on the new East Cliff sea defence to Black Venn in Lyme Regis. Whether you can see them clearly of not – it is a lovely walk!


The event will start in Lyme Regis at the sandy beach, to the left of the Cobb as you face the sea. Opposite the Harbour Inn and Royal Standard Pub waved off by the Mayor of Lyme Regis and all our supporters, friends and family.

The swimmers leave the beach in Lyme Regis to swim to Charmouth. If you wish to wait for their return, they will be whisked back after their swim and returned to the Cobb jetty back in Lyme Regis.

Please allow plenty of room for the swimmers and be directed of the Lyme Splash Crew for every ones safety.

What to do in Lyme Regis

For those who wish to wait until the swimmers return Lyme Regis has some great unique shops, Ammonite (who have supplied one of our fantastic raffle prizes). Or if the weather is fine just hire a deck chair, chill on the beach and wait for the swimmers to return.



The event finishes in Charmouth, should you wish to be at the finish you can reach Charmouth by car or bus (view bus timetable), and cheer on the swimmers from West Beach.

What to do in Charmouth

There are a couple of cafes and if the weather is fine you can chill on the beach. The Heritage Coast Centre to visit – great for kids http://www.charmouth.org/chcc/

The tide will be in so it will NOT be possible to walk round to Charmouth via the coast. It is NOT possible to walk along the top of the East Cliffs due to rock falls.


Presentation Celebration

There will be a presentation celebration at the Marine Theatre between 12.30-13.30 – where there will be live music from B Sharp, our own Lyme Splash rap, raffle and much more!

Raffle tickets can be bought from here various shops in Lyme Regis and Charmouth prior to the event and on the day at the Marine Theatre.

See our brilliant raffle prizes here!